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Meet Erica

Erica’s candidacy is built on her work as a civil rights attorney, centering the voices of impacted people and speaking truth to power.  

Whether she was advocating for consumer protections and housing justice in rural Nevada as a legal aid attorney, defending protesters in court as a trial deputy public defender, drafting the 2022 Executive Order protecting and expanding abortion access following the Dobbs decision as Deputy General Counsel, or going toe to toe as a lobbyist with our Republican Governor as he worked to unwind criminal justice reforms this legislative session, Erica is ready to fight for her community.

Key Issues

Erica knows that policy must be created by and for the people it impacts. That is why she is fighting for:

  • Reproductive Freedom for All 
  • Housing as a Human Right
  • Criminal Justice Reform and Evidence Based Public Safety
  • Union Protections
  • Environmental Justice

Reproductive Freedom


Housing as a Human Right

Climate Justice

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